segunda-feira, 23 de setembro de 2013

Ferrari 599 Hamann

Photo taken by Diogo Dias Vigário in Lisbon. With a car like this is normal to be customer of Louis Vuitton (just saying).

The Ferrari that you are enjoying the photos is a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano poisoned by the prestigious Hamann. The V12 engine of 620cv received some refinements, like a head, and sports catalytic converters developed by Hamann own, generating extra 53cv. Thus, the power jumped to impressive 673cv. In addition to the engine modifications, the Fiorano received a new exhaust made ​​of stainless steel corrosion resistant. Specialized sites say that the sound produced by the new exhaust 90mm is more charming than the Fiorano serial.

To hold the beast on the track, the macedonia spent several hours in the wind tunnel. Thus, Hamann has developed a new front spoiler and roof, a new spoiler and a new diffuser three pieces, generating more downforce on the front and rear of the sports. To complete the look, new side skirts are designed to give a more muscular the car. All made of fiberglass or Kevlar-carbon. Have wheels, Hamann installed a unique set of 21 inches, with a border all special and titanium screws.
The side was more aggressive with the adoption of new skirts

Inside, a unique set of mats in black gave a touch cozier. And of course, the Hamann 599 GTB customize any pleasure to meet a client, your individual needs. Upholstery leather of different colors are available, as well as a DVD player, TV reception and a PlayStation.

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