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Dodge Challenger SRT8

The 405 Freeway , which cuts to California from north to south , is a walkway to dream cars , capable of arousing the lust of any American in love with power . Just a few minutes here to bump into Ford Mustang , Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette , mostly driven by V8 . And is aboard a Challenger SRT8 Orange live , 6.4 liters and 470 hp , which accelerate towards Santa Barbara . He is one of the thoroughbreds that Dodge will bring to Brazil in 2013 - along with his brother Charger - to mark the debut of its high performance division , SRT 8 ( Street and Racing Technology) in the country .

The good news is that he arrives in Brazil bringing the renewal of the 2012 line , which gave wider air intakes on the hood , front spoiler , and a redesigned engine 45 hp more powerful than the previous 6.1-liter . But the Challenger still retains the elements that lead to the design of the classic 60's as elongated hood , built-in four round headlights and taillights that form a horizontal band . Despite his 5.02 meters , the coupe is far from a car to take the family . And accommodates two people in the front seats , but behind it is tight to the legs of three passengers , with the aggravating circumstance that adults with 1.80 meters shave his head on the ceiling.

If space is displeasing , the same can not be said of the finish . The sports front seats provide comfort on leather jackets and suede . For the driver , there are electric adjustable height and distance and lumbar support . Same goes for the whim of the doors lining , leather- imitating metal details , and aluminum pedals . For ease of use , the six-speed manual gearbox is tilted slightly towards the driver . The flywheel is now nearly one inch smaller diameter (2.54 cm). A 8.4-inch color screen , touch-sensitive commands great audio Harman Kardon 900W and 19 speakers .

But what delights here is the engine , the legendary Hemi generation . To gain 45 hp , changed compression ratio ( 10,3:1 to 10,9:1 of ) and pistons (diameter 0.9 mm 3.6 mm higher and lower course ) , to yield more in smaller rotations . Are 65 lb-ft to 4200 rpm (before was 4800 rpm ) torque than the Ferrari 599 GTB . Received a new management system operating pistons , which can be four of them off and thus power is reduced by 25%. Official figures are 9.8 km / l on highway and 6 km / l in the city , the U.S. cycle . But your point remains strong performance: Dodge releases for the manual version ( there is still a five-speed automatic ) maximum of 293 km / h and 0-96 km / h less than 4 seconds.

With a new system of electronic damping springs and reworked , the SRT8 guarantees plenty of fun for straight and curved , providing driving steady and direct steering . The adaptive suspension can be adjusted in three levels of stiffness , depending on the car's speed and steering angle , among other items . To curb its momentum , there are ventilated disc brakes with up to 36 cm in diameter and piston Brembo , stability and traction controls and ABS with EBD .

All this left the bath shop SRT8 good to drive without messing in your status object of desire American. Living Proof : while filling your tank of 72 liters , was stopped by a TV journalist specializing in American cars , Stig Godal . " If there is something that still does well here are cars with V8 engine . Someday need to bring this machine to my program ," he says . If this SRT8 painted orange arouses much attention here in California , imagine what it will do when oV8 sound with his unmistakable roar in our streets ?


ComumV8 of 470 hp Challenger SRT8 Camaro joins 406 hp sold in Brazil by Chevrolet and is waiting to bring the Ford Mustang to completer the golden trio of muscle cars .

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