terça-feira, 11 de junho de 2013

Jaguar E - Type

It is known to my passion for Jaguar, but there is a particular model that my breath away before I even like cars: the E-Type. For me, when I think in terms of beauty and elegance on wheels, nothing compares to it. Nothing more!
So you can imagine the pleasure it gave me to detail this beautiful example, a V12 serie 3, 1974 in magnificent condition, recently restored despite the costs. But tb was a challenge because:
- As I said, was in a state almost faultless, and when it is so difficult to make a difference ...
- The owner, the person above the average at all levels, also showed signs of being in terms of the degree requirement ... and even days before, had never heard of detail, so it would need to be very careful in the management expectations.

The result? You will say, I hope we worthily captured in photos, but I must confess that particularly pleased me, because this time applied to the huge estate maxima: "a client, a friend.". For him a huge hug.

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