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Mercedes S63 AMG

The automotive industry, like any other, wants to sell and take profits - the more hefty, better. But not only that. The major car brands also create models that serve only to display their technical capabilities. Thus arise niche cars like coupes and convertibles, for example. Models that sell little but spread prestige throughout the line. Mercedes-Benz has the top of his range a beautiful example. The S63 AMG L is the union of a large sedan, full of refinement and overwhelming with a 571 hp engine. As this altitude market no concessions, sports and luxury are high at the highest level. And it has a price. In the table, the line appears the S63 AMG L U.S. $ 419,900 - or nearly £ 840,000. But is not it to sell. It was created with the sole purpose of being technology showcase. It's almost a delirium engineer. So much so that each engine of the S-Class AMG is signed by one of them - which oversaw the construction of the engine from start to finish.

And one of the most ambitious dream. Starting with the most important part in a car developed with the help of AMG - Mercedes sports division - the powertrain. AS 63 was renewed worldwide in late 2010 and had as its main engine change. The downsizing came up the most superlative performance models. Was discontinued the old aspirated V8 6.2 for the arrival of a 5.5 V8 biturbo. The intention was to leave the supersedã more efficient and speedy single handedly. And, at least in numbers, it worked. The power went up from 531 to 544 hp while consumption fell 25% according to the brand, largely because of the Start / Stop system as standard. Mercedes also offers the so-called AMG Performance Pack, which makes the mixture even more spicy. Thus, the pusher 571 starts to develop horsepower and torque of 91.7 Nm due to the change of the boost pressure to 1.3 bar. The 2170 kg are pushed to 100 km / h in 4.4 seconds and the electronic limitation prevents exceed 300 km / h.

The transmission is also more modern thanks to the preparation of AMG. In essence, it is the same seven-speed automatic that team other passenger cars brand. However, the torque converter was removed and given rise to system multiembreagens. According to the preparer, this reduces the power loss common to torque converters. The set can make exchanges in 0.1 s.

To hold such vitality, the sports division of Mercedes also has a help in the structure of the sedan. The suspension has the Active Body Control, Active control of weight distribution. This function allows the host to compensate lateral forces on the car through the shock variables and reduce the body roll. When cornering, the system still stops the inside rear wheel to improve the turning radius and precision maneuver. The electric steering has variable ratio.

The rest is typical of a class S-end. Ie, very luxury and a vast amount of equipment. The version of the inter-axle elongated to 15 cm further increases the space at the rear. Among the safety features, the S63 L receives nine airbags - front, front and rear side, curtain and driver's knee - pre-safe system - which prepares the car for a collision to reduce damage - detector fatigue, night vision camera, bi-xenon headlights, blind spot detector and monitor taxiway.

There are also several air-conditioned four-zone system, parking aid, rear entertainment screens for display and front - allowing driver and passenger to watch two different things at the same time. The interior is finished in a mixture of piano black and brushed aluminum and the seats are leather with inflatable bags to fit the body of the occupants. The four seats can be heated or cooled and come with individual massagers. The center console is also made of carbon fiber. Almost as a reminder of the ferocity sheltered under the three-pointed star on the hood.

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